Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Busy, busy, busy

Life has been keeping me pretty busy lately so I haven't had time to update here. Last weekend, Maya and I went to Nannyfest!! That was great fun! It's always good to hang out with the family and just have a silly time. Or should I say a "super-rowdy" time?!?!

Here are a few pics of our fun.....

This is a special picture I would like to share. My sister Amanda took it of Maya and I. I absolutely love it! Manda is such a great photographer and really has an artistic flair for it! Thanks Munchie for the great picture!!

Work has also been keeping me pretty busy and exhausted! I am loving being back to work actually which is a little weird because I was dreading it. I really like the job and am enjoying having some place to go each day. As much as I LOVE being Maya's Mommy I forgot how much I enjoy having a job and interacting with other people all day. What I was not prepared for were the early mornings and how tired I would be as a result!! This is the first time in my career as a CYW that I have had a job where I had to get up early. Usually I have worked evenings so I have been able to sleep in!! I won't complain too much though because I love working during the day and being home evenings and weekends with Pat and Maya!!

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