Saturday, 3 May 2008

Happy National Scrapbook Day!!!!

Today is the day set us aside just for us scrappers. I hope all of you find a little time to get scrappy today!!!! Check things out online or at your local store. There will be lots of fun activities and maybe even some sales today!!! My fave store, Scrapping Turtle, has some fun stuff going on today so make sure you check them out!!! They are definitely worth the drive to St. Jacob's!!!

For all you scrappers in the area, what better way to celebrate the day than by signing up for Crop for the Cure! Seats are filling up so register and reserve yours today!!!!

I'm hoping to get to some scrapping today so I should be back later with some updates and pictures!!! I am VERY happy to report that I finished two entire projects today!!!! Unfortunately I can't post any pictures yet since it is a Mother's Day gifts!!
Well, I don't have any scrappy pictures to share today but I did take this cute one of Maya so I decided to post it!!!


  1. woohoo its getting closer to your crop! I'm sooo excited! Happy National scrapbooking day my friend!!! I'm going to scrapbook in front of the tv tonight LOL Watching the nascar race and my Habs!!!!

  2. Happy SB Day - hope you did some great creating!
    Can't wait to see!!!

    Hope to see you soon Tracey!

  3. You are a scrapping maniac, Tracey!! I love that you get so focused and get so much done. And I'm a little jealous!! Thanks again for the goodies. You are too kind!