Monday, 3 September 2007

Back to work tomorrow!

Last week was a crazy week of stress for me. Maya and I were butting heads all week as we worked hard to get her on some semblance of a schedule before she starts daycare. I have to say though, all in all, she did pretty well. Of course then I went home to Mom and Dad's for part of the weekend so Dad could fix my car (YEAH DAD!!) and now we are starting over!!

The other stress of last week was waiting for word on whether I would have a full-time job!! You see, I got hired as an occasional teaching assistant by the school board a while ago but really I was wanting more. Not that there is anything wrong with an occasional position, I just know I would have a hard time dealing with whether or not I would have any work from week to week or even day to day!! So, anyway, Friday morning was the magic time. I got a full-time contract at a school in Brampton! It's only until March (not sure why) but there is possibility of it being extended. Either way though I will take what I can get and be happy that I will have a steady paycheck.

But, see the flip side of this is that now that I have the job I have to go back to work. So, tomorrow is the day - I head back to work full-time (albeit to much better hours) and Maya is off to daycare full-time!! I am not sure we are ready! Okay, I know we will both be fine but the lead up to the first day is the worst I think. Once we get in the groove I know it will be great for both of us. It will be nice for me to have some adult interaction during the day and to get back out into the world and it will be good for Maya to be around other kids and to learn that someone besides Mommy can meet her needs!! Oh, and what is Pat doing tomorrow you ask - he is on VACATION!!! Just as Maya and I begin the routine of getting up early and out of the house he gets to stay home and chill in a quiet, empty house! I am pretty sure he planned it that way!!

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