Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Sometimes messy can be good!!

One of the things I have had to learn as a Mom is that it is okay to get messy!! This is especially true as Maya works to exert her independence. I started off this morning trying to feed her some yogurt as a snack and she wasn't having it but as soon as I gave her the spoon to do it herself she dove right in. And I being the scrapbooker I am immediately got the camera out and took some pictures!!

She started off so well using the spoon then she decided the container was a cup and it all kind of went downhill from there....

Then she decided to take a more "hands-on" approach and ended up with yogurt EVERYWHERE!! She had a great time though and seemed pretty pleased with herself! And of course covered in yogurt or not she is still the cutest baby ever (if I do say so myself)!!

I'm so glad she has decided that she likes yogurt though since I can't get her to drink any milk. She's just like her Momma that way!!

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