Monday, 13 August 2007

Another great weekend has come and gone....

Maya and I are home again after another fabulous weekend of family and fun!! Friday morning we drove to Mom and Dad's and had a fun afternoon there playing with some of the cousins. That night, Mom and I headed over to the Turtle for our first QuicKutz Anonymous class. That was great fun - spending the night cropping and hanging out with great people - what more could you ask for?!!? While we were there Maya was at Mom & Dad's with some of her cousins and Aunt Manda! Apparently she spent the night being Rielly's suck - I guess Rielly was the substitute Mommy for the night!!

Then, Saturday we headed to Rotary Cove in Goderich for a fun family beach day! That was tonnes of fun! It was Maya's first day at the beach and she had a blast! She LOVED the water! The sand, not so much though! It's funny - there are only 9 days age difference between her and Marissa but in some ways they are so different. Opposites at the beach actually - Marissa loves playing and wondering in the sand and is not too fond of the water and Maya would stay in the water all day if I let her but as long as she didn't have to touch the bottom of sand. And once I got her on the beach she was not a big fan of getting her wet feet covered in sand either!! Anyway, after a fun day of sun and sand we headed over to the main beach to have some dinner and play at the playground before heading home. After dinner we all had some ice cream and Maya and Marissa each had a little in a cup! Apparently that was not enough for baby Maya because when Grandma gave her a lick of hers Maya stole the cone and would not give it back!! I then got Maya a baby scoop in her own cone and it was lots of fun watching her eat it and get herself completely covered in it! After a bit both the cone and her hands were covered in melted ice cream so it was especially fun to watch her try to hold onto the cone as it slipped out of her grasp!! When she was done there was ice cream EVERYWHERE!!! My camera of course was in the truck but I think Grandma and Uncle Josh got some good shots of the wreckage!!

What a fun day!! I look forward to trying to squeeze another one in before the end of the season!!

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