Friday, 27 July 2007

the Price for Being Different.... a little too high in my nephew's case! Two nights ago my 15-year-old nephew was attacked by a group of five guys who then assaulted him repeatedly over the course of almost 2 hours before he was able to get away. Their reason: they didn't like the way he looks! Now, if that doesn't turn your stomach I don't know what would. What's worse is 2 of these guys were 18 and 1 was 20 - you would think at that age that they would know better?!?! What the hell is this world coming to??? So, he dresses in a different fashion than they like - who cares?!?!

Thankfully, my nephew is physically okay; although I worry that the emotional scars may take a little longer to fade. The thought that this could happen to him or anyone makes me both incredibly angry and so sad I could cry.

To my nephew I say - your family and friends love you just how you are. I love that you aren't afraid to be who you are even if it means that it makes you different than everyone around you.

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