Thursday, 4 October 2012

Happy birthday Miss Rielly!!

Today is my super fabulous niece's birthday.

She is 18!!


Wow!  An adult!

I can't believe it!

Well, actually I can believe it because she is pretty awesome and mature and an amazing....I want to say girl because I still think of her as the cute little girl dancing around and singing "my a barbie girl" but somehow I think girl doesn't cover it anymore.  She's a woman.  A pretty amazing woman too!  I am very proud of her and so lucky to call her my niece.

Happy birthday Rielly!
We love you!!

Anyway, I have no card to show off here because I am a loser and didn't get it in the mail and well it is her birthday now and so it seems a little late to mail it now.  But, she loves me anyway and I dedicate this post to her instead!

So, how about a couple of pictures......

Rielly and her Dad (also known as my big brother Jim)

 A couple of pictures of her with Maya.

Thanks for stopping by!!

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