Sunday, 8 July 2012

No blogging for a bit...

I'll be taking ab log break for a bit.  My computer is sick!  :(  It seems I have a nasty virus on it and hubby needs to wipe it out and install everything back again.  That means, no photo-editing software or anything.  :(

The only bright side is that I did manage to retrieve all of my pictures!!  I cannot tell you how happy that made me!

Anyway, I will be back soon with some updates! 
In the meantime, I guess I will just have to enjoy my summer holidays!  :)


  1. Oh no Tracey!
    Enjoy your holidays!

  2. Oh what a bummer! I look forward to your blog posts when you can post again.

  3. My computer died recently as well, but thankfully my photos were also able to be retrieved! Enjoy the break :)
    Joanne xo

  4. Enjoy your bloggy break! See you back here soon I hope!