Thursday, 21 July 2011


I don't know how many parents out there stress about choosing a daycare provider but I have to say that I hate doing it.  Thankfully, we have been very lucky with the ones we have had.  Due to circumstances we have had 3 different ones since I returned to work.  They have all been so different but so amazing!  Right now, Maya goes to Ella's house.  Totally have to give a shout out to her!  Maya loves her and she takes such good care of my girl!

Here is a picture of Maya & Ella taken at their daycare Christmas party.  And I pulled out the yummy Upcycle collection from Cosmo Cricket.  I love the colours in this one!!  And I pulled out my Filter Paper Embellishments from Fancy Pants.  I love these things!!

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  1. Oh I feel ya, I just lost mine that I had for all of Jack's life! :(

    Great layout though!