Monday, 20 September 2010

First Day of JK

So, I know this seems late but today was my baby girl's first day of Junior Kindergarten. They had a really staggered start with 3 visits before going full day today.
Maya was so excited this morning as I got her ready. We went outside and she happily posed for a bunch of pictures. (Tell me she is not the cutest thing ever!!!)
It was a bit rough when we got to school. My girl is shy and nervous in new situations. Yep, there were tears (from her. Mommy stayed strong.) but she did go in and start her day okay. And when I picked her up she reported a good first day! I am so proud of her. Such a big girl she is!! Here's hoping she makes friends soon so she will feel more at ease!!


  1. totally adorable and I cant wait to see the layout of her in that uber cute little outfit!

  2. Oh what a little cutie.

  3. Oh she is sooooo adorable Tracey! Congrats on Maya starting JK. Thanks for you nice comments on my Sundays with Crissy card. Hugs, Maria

  4. Love the cuteness, especially her making faces at the camera. Glad she had a good first day.