Friday, 18 December 2009

A New Day!!

First, I have to say that my post yesterday sucked! I know it did! It was negative and sucky and full of depressingness (okay, so that probably isn't a word but you know what I mean). Today is a new day and I am thinking brighter!! Sure, things haven't changed - life still sucks in so many ways but I am focusing on the positive.

One great big positive I have is my friends!! First, my cyber friends who reached out to me with so much love and support! It means so much!! And, my fabulous friends here who touched me in such a special way today with their love and support.

I am blessed and I know it!! Sometimes I just need a reminder!!

Oh, and who could forget my biggest blessing of all - my baby girl! I am so incredibly thrilled that Maya is so much better health-wise and we are looking ahead to a fantastic Christmas with family and friends!!

Now, just because I am totally feeling the holiday spirit, let me share a picture of our Christmas card this year. Isn't she cute?!?! A little out of it since she was still not feeling 100% when this was taken but still adorable! I do love my girl!

So, from my house to yours, I wish you an incredible holiday season filled with love and blessings. Stay safe wherever you may travel and nothing but good things in 2010 for all of my friends near and far!


  1. Hi Tracey Maya is so adorable,I do hope she is on the road to recovery.Enjoy Christmas with your family and take good care of yourself and hopefully all will be better soon.

  2. Ah Tracey what a positive outlook and I love that when in doubt a pic of your adorable little girl... will work everytime!