Thursday, 22 October 2009

Some personal reflections and cards by Maya!!

This scrapbooking/cardmaking hobby of mine has brought a lot of good into my life.
First is the simple joy I get from creating something. I am not a terribly artistic person (I can barely draw stick people) but I love seeing a project come together knowing that I made it!
It's a good feeling!
Second is the great many friends I have made through this hobby. Some are friends I actually get to see and have fun with and visit with and are often connected to Scrapping Turtle. There is a reason that is my happy place!! But many of the people I have come to know as friends are people I have never met. We check out each others' blogs and we share emails. For some we live on opposite sides of the world but still I feel blessed to call each and every person (both near and far) my friend. Awesome people connected to this 'little' world of ours!!

Last and probably best of all is that this hobby is something I share with my baby girl!! Now, I have to be completely honest and admit that there have been moments when her need to scrap right along with me has been a pain in the butt! But for the most part I love that she shares it with me. She loves to craft and create and she loves to make cards!! Just randomly she will ask to make a card to send to someone or sweet girl that she is, if I say someone is not feeling well she will ask to send a card. I love her and love sharing this with her!!
And sometimes, when I am really lucky these things get all mixed up together! That is what today's post is about. To share a few cards my girl made for some very special friends!
This first card using Riley and his Sock Monkey from Hanna Stamps is going to Kristi who was sweet enough to send this stamp to my baby girl to play with. My girl loves her moose!!

This second card (using Lily at the Beach stamps from Pink Cat Studio) is heading out to Lillian who was so kind to send a card and some stickers for my girl! So sweet of you!!

This final card (using a Magnolia image) is making its way to Jacque who was so awesome to send Maya a box of goodies (colouring books, crayons, storybooks) and a gorgeous card that is now being proudly displayed in her room!!

Thank you so much to each of you ladies for thinking of my girl. She was very happy and proud to make these cards for each of you and did so with very little help from her Momma.


  1. Love your reflections and so true! And especially love those cards by Maya... way to go Maya!

  2. Maya will be a sweet artist soon!



  3. oh how fun! She is a budding artist in the making!
    Jodi =)

  4. such a great collection of cards, I was thinking of doing something like that for this christmas! Thanks for sharing

  5. Oh Maya these are fabulous dear and Mummy wil have to look out you will be overtaking her soon sending you big hugs sweetie. Tracey dear I so agree with your words, my world has been so enhanced since I started blogging and I am proud to be able to call you friend
    Hugs Jacqui x

  6. Oh so sweet,maya has done a fabulous job with these!!!

  7. aaaawe...what a sweet post tracey...Lola is just getting into this BUT she is drawn to my COPICS and we both know that is just NOT happening!!

  8. Oh boy Maya has been busy, so sweet.