Tuesday, 27 January 2009

A Challenge & An Award

I was tagged for this challenge both by Vicki & Holly. Here's the scoop....
Go to where you store your photos on your computer. Go to the SIXTH folder and pick the SIXTH photo. Post that photo on your blog along with a SHORT story about it.

This is a picture of Maya & Regan (my niece). This picture was taken at our place on August 30th. The previous day a bunch of us met up to go to an indoor playground in Kitchener. I decided to bring Regs home with us for the night. Maya was VERY excited to have Regy Regs for a sleepover and the two were adorable together! Regan is a very good big cousin!!

Thanks to Jennie for this fab award!!

Thanks also to Denise for passing this award my way! With these I am supposed to pass them on to a bunch of people but instead I am going to leave it open for anyone & everyone to grab it if they want it!!


  1. Awwww! What a cute, cute photo! :)

  2. OH My!! this photo is just the Cutest!!

  3. Aww what an adorable photo Tracey

    hugs Bev x

  4. Adorable photo Tracey! Thanks for taking the challenge.

  5. Haha! I just played along with this challenge on the post that is scheduled for tomorrow! :)

  6. Well done on your awards - you deserved them! & thanks for sharing the cute pic - awww... x