Monday, 29 December 2008

No Scrappy Stuff....

Why, you ask?!?! Because I have discovered Edward & Bella.

I read this one not too long ago....

And then a friend lent me this one to read over the holidays. That turned out to be not such a great plan since I finished it in 2 days!! My hubby thinks I am nuts!!

And now another friend has taken pity on me and lent me these 2. (Thanks Louisa!!)

So, if you start to wonder why there are no scrappy updates just know that I am deep in the world of the vampires and won't likely emerge until the story is done!!!
By the way, I totally did not intend to read these books because after all they are written for teenagers and well, let's just say that I am a little bit past my teen years. But, then so many adults kept raving to me about them so I figured I needed to check these out. Holy well-written books!! I am an addict!! And although I have only read 2 of the 4 books so far I think I am firmly planted on Team Edward!!!


  1. oh god, the only bad thing about the books is that you want MORE after the 4th...geesh

    Have you seen the movie....swooooooon over Robert pattison

  2. Hey Tracey,

    I have a few awards for you too, at my blog. Thanks for being such an inspiration to me.

    God Bless~

  3. Awesome I am glad you are reading them! I guess you don't need mine anymore so I will pimp them out on another innocent person! :)

  4. Tracey!!!! I just finished Eclipse this morning and I was so mad at Bella and Jacob at the end and poor Edward!!! Breaking Dawn better be worth it!!! I am hooked too!!! Seen the movie 3 times!! Damn Regan told me to go!!!