Saturday, 22 November 2008

I've Been Tagged!!

I have been tagged by my fabulous Turtle friend, Kate. Not only is she an awesome scrapper but she is a pretty fabulous person too! Hopefully, one of these days I might actually get to meet her in real life!!

So, now comes the part when I tell you 7 random facts about myself.....

1. I really don't know that I will have any more kids. The reason this is a weird fact is because I always wanted 2 or 3 and now I just feel like my life is so complete with Maya I can't imagine doing it again. (That, and my labour was BAD but that's another story).

2. I don't have a lot of friends. I don't mean that in the "poor me, I'm pitiful" way. One, I expect a lot from people and sometimes I think it is unrealistic for people to live up to it. Two, I have an incredible family and my mom and my sisters are my best friends so it doesn't leave a lot of room for others. That being said, I have to make sure no one thinks I am a big loser - I do have friends - just not a lot. I have a bunch of amazing scrappy friends though and don't know what I would do without the fun they bring into my life. Love to all my Turtle friends!!!

3. I like to do things in even numbers. Like if I have cookies I like to have them in groups of two. If I turn up the car radio I like to do it in increments of two. A little OCD I know!!

4. I love to scrapbook!!! Not only does it bring me great joy to actually create the pages but I love to look through them myself and I also love the enjoyment other people get from them - especially Maya.

5. I often do my best thinking in the car. It's my time alone with my thoughts. Scrapbook layouts and journaling often come to me in the car. (It is so not easy to jot them down when you are trying to drive)

6. During my 6 or so years working at CAS I always said I could never work with special needs kids. What do I do now?!?! I'm a Special Needs Teaching Assistant and I love it!!!

7. Apparently I am incredibly long-winded and like to talk about myself judging by the length of these random facts!!!

Now, onto my tags..... Here are seven incredibly talented fabulous scrappy ladies who I am sure would love to kill a little time doing this tag!!



  1. Thanks for playing Tracey! Your kind words humble me and I would love to meet you IRL too!
    I love your answers- there is nothing with being a little ocd ( I am sure we all are a little ocd!)

  2. you crack me up!!!

    I gotta get this done too!

  3. I have an incredible family and my mom and my sisters are my best friends so it doesn't leave a lot of room for others.


  4. Oh man.. I've already done this tag! Doh! Seven more random facts? At least it will give me something to blog about!!

    I agree with Kate.. a little OCD never hurt anyone... a little OCD never hurt anyone (that ones for you, Tracey!) ;)