Sunday, 7 September 2008


Well, Nannyfest has come and gone for another year. It's hard to believe really. I look so forward to it and then it is gone in a flash. Not before lots of fun & laughs are shared though!

Nannyfest is our annual girls' weekend for my family. It's always the weekend following Labour Day (right around Nan's birthday). This year though it was on Nan's special day and I know she was not too far from anyone's thoughts yesterday. I know she often crept into mine! I can't believe it has been four years since she has been gone. I still miss her like crazy! Love you Nanny! I hope where you are you still got to blow some candles out!

Back to Nannyfest, it was a blast! A slightly smaller group this year but no less fun! Particularly fun for me since this was the first year since Maya was born that I got to come baby-less. WOOHOO!! I thought it would be really tough actually since it is the first overnight I have spent away from her but I was alright. (Might have had a little to do with the yummy orange creamsicle tasting drinks that Auntie Oma was feeding me!!)

I am happy to report though that Maya and Daddy did just fine on their own!! And Mommy had lots of fun not having to be Mommy for a while!!!
Thanks for all of the fun ladies - can't wait until next year! I love you guys!!!!

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