Sunday, 18 May 2008

Maya meets the Energizer Bunny!

Yesterday, we decided to wander around Toys R Us for a while. Mostly because Pat wanted to look at Iron man toys but whatever. Maya loves Toys R Us and is so good in there. It's like paradise to her. She runs from toys to toys but we have been lucky so far and she never complains when we move on and doesn't have a tantrum to get something. So, yesterday Daddy decided that since she is always a good girl she deserves a toy. What did she pick - SPIDERMAN of course!!! My little girl loves her super heroes! Already she recognizes Spiderman (her fave I think), Batman, Superman, Thing & Iron Man!! She makes her daddy proud!!

Anyway, while we were walking around the store though we ran into a great big Energizer bunny!! Maya was in love - she went right up and said hello and didn't want to leave! She was giving the bunny hugs and was so cute!! Of course, Mommy was there without her camera (apparently you really should never leave home without it). However, the day was saved when the woman woith the bunny asked if she could take Maya's picture and then was kind enough to agree to email them to me. So, here they are.....

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