Saturday, 24 May 2008

Cheering on Hudson!!

Maya and I are home from a fun day of being out and about!!!! We started things off with a trip to Toys R Us to pick up a Father's Day gift for Daddy and Maya got a Hulk toy!!! Then off we went to St. Jacob's for some shopping fun at the Turtle. Okay, so that is more fun for Mom than Maya but whatever?!?!

Here's Maya crashed out in the car on the way to the Turtle!!

Then, we proceeded on to Waterloo to cheer on Hudson at his soccer game! It's always lots of fun watching 3 and 4 year olds run around!! Especially when they are as cute as Hudson!

Here's a couple of shots of him in his soccer uniform. Such a handsome boy!!

And who could forget Baby Brodin (as Maya likes to call him and every other baby she sees) who was also there to cheer on his little brother. Such a cutie and getting so big!!!

Here's a couple of shots of Brodin with Grandma & his Mom (my sister Jenn).

After the game was through Maya & Hudson spent quite a bit of time chasing each other around the field. Hudson is such a big cousin that he even slowed his pace down so that Maya could keep up (sort of). He even let her give him a hug which is awesokme since he is not big on those!! And somehow amid all of this fun I managed to convince them to sit down so I could take their picture together!!!

After all the soccer fun Maya, Mom & I headed to Kelsey's to have some dinner. My silly little barely ate a bitew of the pizze & fries I ordered for her but did manage to consume most of Grandma's salad. Strange kid!! No worries though - she redeemed herself when she ate her whole bowl of ice cream for dessert and then tipped the bowl up and proceeded to drink the ice cream that had melted. Hey, you don't want to let any ice cream go to waste!!
Then it was time to get back in the car for the drive home. Within about 3 minutes this was the sight I saw in the back seat....

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  1. Awesome pictures Tracey. Maya is such a cutie. Hope you picked up some good stuff at the turtle!