Monday, 14 April 2008

A sick (& scrappy) day!!

I stayed home from work today since I was feeling very crappy! It was nice to just relax - I'm actually feeling better so will be heading back to work tomorrow!

I did take advantage and get a little scrapping done today though. Check it out....
Sisters was done for Beverley's Pass the Parcel challenge over at Sisterhood of Scrap. It is also for Sketch Challenge #15 at 52 Sketches...52 Weeks.

In My Daughter's Eyes fits both the Monday Challenge over at Sisterhood of Scrap as well as Lisa's Connect Four challenge.

Daddy's Little Girl, Mommy's Whole World is for Deanne's Taboo challenge over at SOS.
Hide & Seek! was done for Kim's Sketch Challenge over at Turtle Soup.

Oh, and in another little bit of good news - Pat got his G1 today!!!


  1. great layouts there - love the title of your 'Taboo' layout - think I will need to 'borrow' that for my brand new baby niece.
    Thanks for playing pass the parcel with me!

  2. Cute layouts!!!! feel better soon!

  3. Beautiful layouts!!! Thanks for playing Connect 4 with me!

  4. You are rocking with the layouts, Girl!! Man, am I jealous!! And I know I've said it before, but your wee Maya is beautiful!

  5. Great layouts. Love the hottie on the left in that first one :)

    that hide and seek one is way too cute!

    Congrats to Pat on getting his G1!!!

  6. Everyone needs a "sick" day every now and again :-) You have some great layouts posted! I too will be stealing your title for "daddy's little girl" :-)

  7. Too sick to work but not sick enough to scrap.. that's my kind of sick!

    Your LOs are BEAUTIFUL!!!

  8. Great layouts Tracey!!!!! Thanks so much for playing along with the Sisters during our crop!!!

  9. Gorgeous layout! They are all beautiful. Feel better soon!