Tuesday, 8 April 2008

I've Been Tagged!!!

Apparently I am it! Both Mindy & Sue have tagged me. Maybe because they think I have something interesting to say or maybe just because I was on their list??? Either way, here goes...

Here are the rules…

1. Post the name and URL of the person who tagged you
2. Post the rules
3. Write seven things about yourself
4. Put the links in to your 7 favourite blogs
5. Name 7 people you are going to tag
6. Post a comment on their blog to say they’ve been tagged

Seven things about me.....

1. I am most proud to be Mommy to my beautiful baby girl, Maya. I know it is terribly cliche of me but I really can't imagine my life without her or before her. She is my world and impacts each and every thing I do. When life gets tough her smiling face and sweet little voice are all the pick-me-up I ever need!!

2. I graduated from college (over 10 years ago - YIKES!!) with an honours diploma as a Child and Youth Worker. I always knew I wanted to work with kids. Some of my most proud and most frustrating moments come through my work!! Right now I work as a Special Needs Teaching Assistant - something I wasn't sure I would enjoy but I am loving it!!

3. I am a scrapaholic!!! I LOVE scrapbooking!! I love the process of putting a layout together and I love flipping through my finished work. I am a picture addict by nature so this hobby is perfect for me!! Oh, and I don't think I could ever go digital - there is just something about actually working with the paper and products that I find relaxing!

4. I love TV!! I am such a homebody. I like to come home from work and chill and watch tv. I would list the shows I like to watch but that would just be embarassing I think!

5. I would be nothing without my family!! Of course there is my husband who I love more than anything. He may drive me nuts sometimes but I couldn't imagine my life without him. Push come to shove and that man has my back!! My baby girl who I talked about earlier. Then there are my parents - a girl could not ask for better. They are there to love and support me in everything I do!! And I have the biggest and best group of siblings and nieces & nephews ever. They bring so much to my life!!

6. I am pretty shy and reserved in crowds or around new people! Pretty hard to believe for some since when I get to know people I can be a little loud & crazy.

7. I am a worrywort! I worry about EVERYTHING and I over-analyze everything!! If there is a worst case scenario to be thought of my brain will find it!! Sometimes, though, this works well for me because I find the flip side of this is that I usually have everything well-planned out since I like to plan for contingencies!!

Okay, enough about me!! Next I'm supposed to list my 7 favourite blogs - yeah, I can't do that!! I don't think I could choose! Check out my list to the right - I love them all! And I don't want to pick 7 so as to leave anyone out. I seriously stalk them all - I think I check them every day!!

Hmmm, seven people to tag - I am sure most have been tagged already but here goes... Jenn, Michelle, Dea, Jasmine, Laura, Kim, Amanda

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  1. Nice job, Tracy!! Love that you are so connected to your family!! What a gift!