Thursday, 3 April 2008

Bingo with a Twist

Jasmine has posted a new challenge over at Turtle Soup. It's called Bingo with a Twist. She has provided a list of 50 different techniques or ideas for a layout - you choose your own list of 24 and submit it to her. Each week she will randomly choose one and if it is on your list you create a layout for it. Once all 24 of your layouts are created you call "bingo". There are two benefits to playing along - one, you can win a prize & everyone loves free stuff and two, you will get 24 layouts done & who wouldn't like that!

So, surf on over to the Turtle and check it out!! You have until Sunday (April 6th) at 2pm to join in on the fun! Just know that I plan to be the one calling 'bingo'!!

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