Sunday, 23 March 2008

Happy Easter!!

The Easter Bunny came and visited my baby girl today and that was fun for the whole family! Last year she was too young still so this year was the first year we really got to enjoy the whole thing. Maya got to participate in a little mini egg hunt where she found one of her favourite things - CHOCOLATE!!! The little treats were hidden inside large plastic eggs and once she discovered the hidden goodness she didn't want to keep looking - she just wanted to start eating the chocolate. Boy, was she unhappy when Mommy would not let her eat all that she wanted!!!

Here are a couple of shots from our morning....

This is Daddy spinning Maya around and making her all dizzy prior to hunting for eggs! Crazy girl loves this!

Poor girl couldn't figure out how to get into the eggs!

She got inside and is now devouring the chocolatey goodness she found there!

Maya's Easter Stash!!


  1. Awww... what great memories those will be! Looking forward to seeing the LO! :-)

  2. awww too cute!! happy easter!