Saturday, 5 January 2008

The power in a word.....

There has been some discussion on Turtle Soup lately about choosing a word to represent the upcoming year. This is something that has been inspired by Ali Edwards (Check out her blog here). I'll admit it - I wasn't going to do this! Not because I didn't think it was a good idea - I rather enjoyed reading about everyone else's choices but mostly because I could not think of my one word. Then, this morning as I was laying in bed not able to sleep with a heavy baby laying across my chest (as she has taken to do lately), it hit me so here it is.......

My word for 2008 is enjoy! Often I find that I am rushing from one day to the next without taking the time to enjoy the world around me. Sometimes it's a race to pay day or anticipation of an upcoming special event or holiday or sometimes just trying to get through the work week. This year I would like to stop, take a breath and enjoy all the little moments and pleasures in life.

First and foremost, I would like to enjoy my daughter! Not that this one is too difficult - she is such a sweet and funny little girl that she makes it easy!! Although often I worry about whether I am parenting her right or providing well for her so this year I resolve to just let all of that slip away and enjoy my time with her!! She's going to grow up before I know it and I don't want to miss a moment!

I am also going to enjoy my husband, family and friends! This one, too, is easy! For the most part there is not much stress involved in this. This year I just want to be more conscious of it and really appreciate them all!

Scrapbooking - that is also something I want to enjoy!! With this hobby there comes some stress, at least for me! Stress over how I am going to pay for all of the fun stuff that I just have to have!! As well as stress over creating the perfect layout! This year I will let that go and just enjoy the process and end result. As for the shopping, I will just try to limit that to a stress-free amount!!

Work - I love my job and I would like to keep it that way! When I got my new job at the School Board it actually alleviated a lot of the stress I had in my work life so this year I would just like to work to maintain that!

The definition of enjoy: "To take satisfaction; to live in happiness".
Sounds good to me!!


  1. I love your reasons! I hope you do get as much enjoyment this year as you can.
    I think you made a great choice!

  2. perfect!!!! love your reasons for your word!!! ;) Awesome job girly!!!!

  3. Wahoo!!! Great reading!
    Enjoy 2008, dear!!! It will be fun!!!