Sunday, 30 December 2007

Christmas has come and gone for another year!!

I can't believe it is over. You spend a whole year anticipating it and then it is over in a flash. I love Christmas and sometimes I wish it could last all year long but then i guess it wouldn't be so special anymore.

Anyway, Christmas morning was lots of fun! Maya had such fun tearing through her presents! It was great watching her. She opened her stocking first and came across the chocolate Santa left in the bottom of it. She had that for breakfast - oh well, it's Christmas!! She was such a trooper though. She had been sick for several days before Christmas and was still suffering through a very runny nose but she still had a great time!

Christmas morning we did the present thing and then had a big breakfast. Maya didn't eat much - not sure if it was her cold or the chocolate that spoiled her appetite?!?! Anyway, that afternoon when we should have been getting ready to go to Pat's Mom's we all laid down and had a nap. That was a good Christmas present - much needed!!! Afterward though we headed out to his Mom's to have dinner with her and hang out. Maya went right to Grandma and gave her hugs - I think that was the best present she could have received!!

Boxing Day Maya and I headed to my parents for Christmas there. Pat was supposed to come but he ended up getting a stomach flu and so was not up to the trip. Maya and I had lots of fun though! She always enjoys time spent with the cousins. It was a little crazy and chaotic but what else is new?!?! I learned that there are going to be a couple of upcoming weddings as my sister Ang and my brother John both got engaged for Christmas. That's always exciting!! Since Pat didn't make the trip with us, Maya and I actually spent the night at Mom & Dad's - much nicer for me as the one who has to do the driving!! I love going home for Christmas!! Spending time with the family is what it is all about!!!!

The next day, Maya & I headed to St. Jacobs with Mom & Rielly to take advantage of the Bagging Sale at Scrapping Turtle. I couldn't let my gift certificate from Mom and Dad get too comfortable in my wallet! A trip to the Turtle is always fun, especially when there is a sale!! The best thing about it was that we got to shop in our jammies!! And our reward for doing so - saving even more money!!! Can't beat that!! After some shopping and lunch we headed to Kitchener to check out Ang's new place. Hung out there for the afternoon before heading home again!!

You would think that would be the end of the Christmas celebrations but no!! Saturday (December 29th) we headed to Jenn & Chad's place for dinner there. They weren't able to make it to Mom & Dad's so we brought it to them!! Besides, any excuse to get together with family is all good!!! Here I found out that there will be another wee one in the midst. Jo Anna & Mike are expecting a little one in August. Another busy baby year in our family since Jenn & Tara are both getting big and ready to deliver in about a month or so!! People are looking at us to be next but don't hold your breath. I am SO NOT feeling the baby vibe!!

And now the countdown is on until 2008!! New Year's Eve is not such a big deal in this house. We will probably just hang out at home and watch some movies. We like to keep it low-key. For those of you who do go out to celebrate, be smart and be safe!!

Happy New Year and All the Best in 2008!!

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