Sunday, 26 August 2007

More Stuff

The end of the weekend is here and I am exhausted!!! We've had a busy one! Friday we drove up to Ottawa (5 hours in the car) so that Pat could attend his grandmother's funeral. Thankfully Maya slept most of the way - with a stop about halfway so we could get some dinner and supplies since silly Mommy forgot the bottle bag at home. Thank goodness for Walmart! That night when we arrived we relaxed and were very thankful to take showers - not only was it 5 hours in the car but it was hot and the air conditioning is broken. Not the most ideal conditions for travel. Anyway, Saturday morning Pat got up and went to the service while Maya and I stayed at his aunt's house. We met up later at the reception and despite the sad circumstances it was nice to see some of Pat's family and have Maya meet them. Then it was time to head home - this time the drive was a little more difficult since I was pretty tired. But again thankfully Maya slept almost the whole way home! Next time though I think we will take the train!!

Tomorrow marks the beginning of my last week of freedom before returning to work. This week we will be working hard to get Maya on some type of schedule to prepare her for daycare! Well, and to also hopefully get her sleeping better at night - all good for Mommy too!! I think I have a battle ahead of me!! We shall see.....

Tomorrow is also the day the long-term and permanent positions are posted at the school board. I am very hopeful this week will end with me in one of those positions. Keep your fingers crossed for me.....

But for now, I am off to get Maya and myself ready for bed. Good night!

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