Sunday, 15 July 2007

Family Birthday Party

Yesterday, Maya & I headed up to Pop's place for our annual birthday gathering. The day started off pretty miserable - cold & wet! No one seemed to care too much though as we hung out inside and played. Rielly even serenaded us with a few songs!! She's very good!The rain stopped though so after dinner the gathering moved outside where we all hung out and played a game that Uncle John brought - I couldn't tell you the name of it but everyone was having a good time with it.

Maya and I left about 9:30pm since she was getting cranky - she slept the whole way home though!!

The other important aspect of today - Maya is 11 months old!! Only one more month until my baby girl is 1 year old!!

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  1. We have this game too!!! My dad (named Robert and who is a goof) calls it Rob-Golf and insists we all call it that. Our bars are made of wood though. It's so fun. We have had our "Rob-golf" for about 5 years or so. I love beating the guys at it - they get so mad! Great blog!