Thursday, 29 October 2009

I *heart* Cosmo Cricket!!

I love Cosmo Cricket!! For so many reasons do I love them!! I love their product.....I mean, seriously, they have some of the most awesome patterned paper ever! I love that they are a small family company. I love that their blog never fails to make me smile!

And, I love that when I sent an email with a request for Crop for the Cure that they stepped up and offered to help me out! How awesome is that?!?!

You see, CFTC is something I love! It is an awesome day with so many fabulous people all coming together to raise money for a very worthy cause!! (Just as a reminder, CFTC money raised goes toward our Run for the Cure team and ultimately Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation). Why is this cause so near and dear to me?? Read this post for the answer to that. Our Crop is a family affair. My Mom and my sisters and I organize it but I think any one of them would agree when I say it is my baby. I love it and am constantly thinking of ways to make it better for our participants. It's never too far from my brain.

We may be into the planning for our fourth year but it is still a big deal to me when companies/businesses/people step up and offer to support us. I think I expect to hear 'no' more often especially in light of the current economy. This is an incredibly generous and supportive community we are a part of and for that I am thankful!!

A great big THANK YOU to Cosmo Cricket and all the other fabulous people who stand behind us in our effort to raise funds and awareness for this cause.

Keep an eye on my blog for further news about this event. It's not until June 2010 so the real planning doesn't start until next year. That being said, I am open to accepting donations at any time. Email me if you are interested.


  1. Love love love Cosmo Cricket and your email makes me love them more!

  2. So cool! I didn't even realize they were a small company! I've loved their papers forevah! :)

  3. i agree, Cosmo Cricket is one of the BEST companies out there!