Saturday, 31 October 2009


Whew! It's been a long but fun day!! I hope everyone had a safe and Happy Halloween. It was kind of windy out there so I hope you stayed warm too.

We started our Halloween celebrations by carving a pumpkin. Maya & her Daddy set to work on that last night.

Here he is....."Hermit the Pumpkin"

Here's how the conversation went....

Maya - "His name is Hermit the pumpkin. Just like Hermit the Frog."
Mommy - "Do you mean Hermit the Frog or Kermit the Frog?"
Maya - "It's Hermit Mommy. Hermit the pumpkin."
Mommy - "Okay baby."

Then this afternoon, we headed out to my sister's place for a family Halloween party. So much fun! I love that we do this so that I can see all of my nieces and nephews in their costumes since we are too far apart to trick-or-treat together.

For the party, Maya and I worked together to put some treats together. First, we used some chocolate moulds and made some Halloween chocolate-covered Oreo cookies. Yum!!! Then I coloured up a bunch of the Rileys and made some tags for the goodie bags. Love my Rileys!!

After the party we came home to do some trick-or-treating with Daddy!! My sweet girl was so much fun. She just makes me laugh all the time. Here's an one house we went to the lady said "Oh, what a beautiful angel". To which Maya said "I'm not an angel. I'm a fairy. She's so silly Mommy." The girl is too much. She was entertaining lots of homeowners with her running commentary on her treats. "Mommy, I got lots more Rockets" or "Mommy, I got some Smarties. I love Smarties. Mmmm, mmmm, mmmm!" I am sure there were many more because she made me laugh over and over. It was so great to see her have such a good time and she remembered to say "Trick or Treat" at each house.

Here are a couple of pictures form our night....


  1. Oh how fun. I love that. Hermit. Those are the memories to cherish. Your daughter is adorable and I am so happy that she had fun trick or treating. Love your little tags with the Hanna Stamps.
    xoxo, Christine

  2. Oh my gosh...that is too funny! Hermit the Pumpkin. Yur daughter is such a sweetie! It is so nice to see them having fun and enjoying the moment!
    Hugs Jeanette :)

  3. Oh Tracey, the cuteness in this post! Love it!

  4. Sounds like a great time! Love your tags! And thanks for stopping by Little Red Wagon.

  5. OMG seriously I love that kid!

  6. Sounds like a Wonderful day!!...Mays looks Beautiful!!..and the little tags are Super Cute!!...Happy belated Halloween!!..we got like 3 inches of snow!!...Hugs, Ila