Saturday, 6 October 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Well, it's that time of year again when we all sit and ponder what we are thankful for. For me, there are the very obvious ones - my baby girl and my husband!! My life is so complete with the both of them!

But, what else am I thankful for?? I am very thankful for my family. My parents are the greatest and without them we would have not made it through this last year with me on maternity leave! But, beyond that, they are there whenever I need them and I am truly blessed for that!! My siblings are the greatest as well! I don't know what I would do without my sisters, or sister-friends as I like to call them!! We have had so much fun together through the years - I cherish the fun (and even the not-so-fun) times!! I can't imagine what life would be like without all of them!! My brothers are great too! I am thankful for them all. I wish I saw a little more of them but that's life I guess! I just hope they know that they are always in my thoughts! And who could forget all of my nieces and nephews!?! They bring SO much joy into my life - I love them all and am so thankful that Maya has such great cousins to be friends and playmates with! I could go through each and every member of my extended family as well but that would take FOREVER!! I am thankful for them as well though - good and bad! The good, for obvious reasons but even those members of my family that I have a difficult relationship with give me something to be thankful for. They allow me to be thankful for all of the wonderful people in my life!!

I am thankful for so much more than my family though! I am thankful for my friends of course (both those in real life and online)! I am also thankful for my new job at the Peel District School Board!! I am loving it!! I am also thankful for my health and that of my family! We have had what feels like lots of loss over the last few years and I hope to be spared from that for a long time to come!! I am also thankful for a roof over my head and the necessities of life - this past year, while on maternity leave we were the most financially strapped we have ever been and although hard it definitely teaches you an appreciation for the necessities of life. Definitely helps set the priorities right!!

Okay, I could go on and on about all of the things in my life that I appreciate and am thankful for but I will leave it here.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and takes a minute to think about all of the things in their life that they are thankful for!!

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