Monday, 23 August 2010

Memories Manor!!

This past weekend I was so incredibly lucky to be able to spend time at Memories Manor with some incredible friends!! OH MY GOODNESS, I cannot rave enough about this place!!!! INCREDIBLE!!! The house is absolutely gorgeous and the owners have done an AMAZING job of restoring it to what I can only assume would have been close to its original glory! The Manor itself has had a bit of a troubled story but you would never know by looking at it. It is resplendent!!! Everything was lush and lovely. All of the little details in the Manor make the weekend so worthwhile. Each pass through the rooms and you notice a little something new. It is quite obviously a labour of love for Jan & Deanna (the amazing, lovely, super fabulous 'Ladies of the Manor')! I could go ON AND ON about all the little details but you probably don't want to read forever!! Just know, that this retreat is a MUST for any crafter out there. Get your gals together and book your weekend NOW!!!! I have never been so spoiled or so well-fed in all my life!!

Oh, and I so could not forget to mention the outstanding company I was keeping!! Marissa, Ria, Denise, Lori, Shelley & Heather were amazing travel companions and I was lucky to be along for the ride with them! Thank you ladies! I love you all!!

Here we are BURSTING with excitement just before hitting the road

Our group doing a little shopping along the way


Us again soon after arriving on Friday. Check out those happy smiles.

The lovely ladies of the Manor - Jan & Deanna! THANK YOU ladies for everything! You are so sweet & amazing and I look forward to seeing you again!!

Seriously, book your weekend TODAY!!

You will be soooo happy you did!!


  1. Sounds awesome, Tracey!! I'll have to put it on my list!!

  2. Wow looks like you had an amazing time!

  3. Isn't a great place? So glad you enjoyed yourself!

  4. Ohh what FUN, I'm so jealous, looks like you guys had a BLAST!