Friday, 20 August 2010

Happy birthday Manda!!!!

Today is my sister's birthday so I just had to send some wishes her way!!!

Happy birthday Manda!

You are awesome and we love you!!!

Oh, and I would be remiss to have a post about my sister without shouting out her fabulous talent. She is the best photographer I know. Check her out - Amanda Stratton l Photographer.

Here we are at African Lion Safari a couple of weeks ago....

And here is the card I made for her using one of the cutie PI girls from My Favorite Things....

I know I have been a total blog slacker this week. I had my niece here for a visit and I was busy entertaining both her and Maya. And now, I am about to head off for a weekend of fabulous fun with some incredible ladies. We are heading to Memories Manor and I am so excited!!!


  1. SWEET pic of you guys, CUTE card.

  2. I hope she has a wonderful birthday!! Your card for her is nothing short of sweet and adorable!!
    Jodi =)