Sunday, 20 January 2008

Turtle Auction and checking in...

Today Mom, Maya and I went to St. Jacobs to take part in the Turtle Auction. What fun that was!! First of all, I am so happy that Maya was such a good girl! It helps that Amanda was there with her little guy Trenton so Maya had a friend to play with. Second thing I have to comment on - some people spend SO MUCH money at the Turtle (not that that is a bad thing)!! I could not believe the amounts of 'money' some people had to spend. And let me just clarify this for people - the way the Auction worked was that for about 2 months beforehand you received Auction dollars dollar for dollar the amount you spent. Some of these people had a few thousand dollars each - that's a lot of scrapping goodies!!!! Anyway, Mom and I were not left out of the fun! We managed to get ourselves some goodies - a fabulous Pebbles Inc chalk kit and a Bazzill paper pack!! It's always good to have fun new stuff to play with!! Thanks to the Turtle folk for a great day!! It was also fun to meet so many of the people I feel like I know already from all my chatting on the forum!!

Now comes the raving about Scrapping Turtle!! This is such an awesome store!! Not just because they have a fabulous selection of product with the best prices I have seen but also because the staff there ROCKS!! They are so friendly and inviting and as Kim put it on the Turtle Soup forum "It's like being Norm and walking into Cheers sometimes at the Turtle. It's always so welcoming and fun with tons of laughs."

And now for the checking in portion of this post....I may not have completed any layouts during the week but this weekend has been productive enough. I completed three more layouts and have another one mostly planned out!! Not bad!! This week again I will attempt to get some done during the week but I make no promises!!

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