Saturday, 26 January 2008

Maya's first sentence

The other night (I think it was Wednesday but I am not sure - bad mom that I am) Maya said her first sentence!!! Okay, it was two words but still she put them together!! The best part?!?! Her first sentence was..........Mom pretty!!! How great is that?! This kid is the best!!! She now officially is the greatest baby ever and has me wrapped securely around her finger (as if that wasn't the case already though!!).

Let's see, what else is going on in my world?? (As if anything could top that news) I was talking to my Mom last night who reported that my sister Ang has had a bit of a tough week. I won't go into the details but Scoots, I am thinking of you and hope it gets better! Oh, and take care of yourself!! Some good news, the Scrapping Turtle has started their own blog. Check it out for all the lastest news in the pond!! My sister Amanda (of Living Proof Photography) has a couple of shoots this weekend - good luck with those Munchie!! Can't wait to see some new pictures!

Hmmm, I am thinking this was a rather uneventful week for me! Could be because I am so exhausted that either I was too tired to notice anything OR too tired to make anything happen. Oh well! I am hoping this weekend will bring me some scrapping time!! We are taking it easy - not too much on the agenda so that is always good!

I will update later in the weekend on any happenings or layouts that come to life! Have a great weekend everyone! Stay warm!!

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  1. ahhhh its a scrapbook moment!!!! hehe love it!