Wednesday, 18 July 2007

I am now officially unemployed!!

So, today was the day I had to give my notice at Peel CAS! I am now officially unemployed or will be on August 15th when the money runs out! I'm having mixed feelings about this - while I am ready to move on in my professional life, I did actually enjoy my time at PCAS. I will be happy to leave the crazy hours and live-ins behind though! Now, the tough part - what to do next?!?! I did go on an interview with the Peel School Board a couple of weeks ago but I am still waiting for them to check my references and get back to me. If that doesn't pan out I am not sure what I will do. Can't afford not to work - although I really wish it could be a possibility. Hanging out with my baby girl every day sounds good to me! That's the other piece in all of this - aside from the job woes I am trying really hard not to think about the fact that I am going back to work and Maya is going to daycare. I have yet to wrap my head around that one!!

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