Wednesday, 18 July 2007

African Lion Safari - July 17, 2007

Yesterday Maya and I headed on Safari - it was a fun day! There were a few threats of rain but thankfully it held off and allowed us to enjoy the day!! Mom, Dad, Ang, Eden, Rielly and Regan also joined us (once they found the place, that is).

Here's a pic of the whole crew (minus Papa who was taking the picture)

First, we took in the Elephant Swim (they really are some impressive creatures) then we all boarded the bus and headed into the game reserve (the baboons are my favourite). That was fun although Maya was very cranky and fussy for the first half but finally she gave in and fell asleep and life was better after that!! We also enjoyed the "African Queen" boat cruise as well as an elephant show (again those elephants are cool).

Oh, and Maya went on her first pony ride!!!

And Ang and Eden had a ride on an elephant!

Here are a few other pics from our day....

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