Saturday, 4 February 2017

Surprise! (and some seriousness)

Happy Saturday everyone!!  Just popping in to share a recent page.

Created with Authentique's Celebrate collection

Today is an important day.  Today is World Cancer Day.  We have all been touched by cancer in some way or another.  Please, today, do something in the fight against it.  Make a donation.  Reach out to someone who is battling.  Send some love to someone who has lost a loved one.  Just reach out and be part of the solution.

This disease SUCKS and has become way too big a part of my life.  While I am very lucky to not have had to battle it myself, I have watched way too many people I love do it.  Some have won but way too many have lost.  It needs to stop.  Cancer CANNOT win!!  I look at those pictures up there on that layout and can't help but think about cancer too.  You see, 3 people in those pictures have had to deal with cancer.  Two of them are with me still thankfully but one isn't and I miss her everyday!  Cancer is inextricably now a part of my life.  And I want to stop that reality from becoming someone else's.


  1. Super fun and festive page, Tracey! I know the pain of losing someone I love to cancer (actually a few someones). It really does SUCK big time!

  2. I loveeeeeeee your page!!! I loveeeeeeeee the photos and that blue wood grain! And my beloved Aunt is battling bladder cancer right now (for the second time) ... so I hear ya :(

  3. Fabulous layout Tracey and even better message about Cancer awareness!!! We are all affected! XO

  4. Great layout, I love the teal woodgrain paper! Your story goes to show how important it is to document our lives, as none of us will be around forever.