Monday, 20 July 2015

Birthday catch-up

It's been too long since I have blogged.  Time is passing me by.  Doesn't help that I got a nasty July flu that I am just now getting over.

Anyway, I have a few birthdays that I didn't mark on here so I am going to throw them together in one post.

First up, my niece Bria.  She turned 11 a few weeks ago.  Cannot believe how grown up these kids are getting.

And her card......

Next up is another niece, Karina who turned 8!  Such a sweet girl she is!!

And her card.....

 And last but certainly not Daddy.  There are not enough words to tell how great this man is to me.  I am beyond proud to be his daughter.

And his card....

And just a last little note to share a picture of my Momma & Daddy.  Today is their anniversary and it hurts my heart that she is not here for them to celebrate together.  Miss you Momma today and everyday.

My parents are a wonderful example of love and making things work.  They didn't always have it easy but they let love win and had many happy years together.  They really were each other's best friend.

Thanks for stopping by!!
Hope everyone is enjoying their summer!


  1. Happy birthday to all!! LOVING their cards you made!!!!!!!!

  2. Hope everyone had a Happy Birthday Tracey! Great cards and such wonderful family photos :)

  3. Great cards and photos. Love the bright pink on kraft!