Monday, 22 June 2015

Happy Father's Day

Yesterday was Father's Day.  I was lucky enough to spend some of it with my Daddy since a bunch of the family was in Stratford to see Sound of Music (Great play!!).

Trying to put words to how important my dad is to me and how lucky I am to have him is a pretty much impossible task.  But I'll try!

My dad is the smartest guy I know.  Maya and I have a joke that we can ask Google or we can just ask Papa because it's pretty much the same thing.  ;)   Now as an adult I love the conversations my dad and I have.  He really is smart and has some awesome life experiences so he makes great conversation and he gives even better advice.

My dad is just quietly there all the time.  For years and years, my dad just stood quietly and solidly behind my mom.  My mom was the one who we chatted with on the phone.  My mom was the one who commented on pictures and happenings on Facebook.  My mom was the one who offered to help when we needed it.  But through it all, my dad stood with her and was always just there.  Talking and sharing it all but content to let her be the 'face' of everything.  Sadly, that isn't an option anymore and he is stepping into his new role beautifully.  He is there on Facebook commenting and posting on all the many family members do.  He is with us and there for us all the time.  These past 8 months have been the hardest this family has gone through and my dad has been a rock for us all.  Sometimes he is our actual strength and sometimes he shows true strength by letting us see and share his pain.

I am blessed beyond compare to have this man as my father.  His love and wisdom guides me pretty much every day.  And on the really tough days, his hugs do a pretty amazing job of helping me get through.

So, on this special day just for him and all of the other days, I want to make sure he knows just how awesome he is and just how much I love and appreciate him.  Both as my Daddy and as the best Papa in the world to my girl.  Maya LOVES her Papa!!

Hanging in Stratford yesterday

Maya & her Papa

I made him a card too....

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  1. What an amazing Dad you have!! Great pics and loving the card you made him!!!!!!!!

  2. Wonderful photos and card Tracey! Great tribute to your dad!