Wednesday, 29 April 2015

cancer sucks

My new mug says it all!  CANCER SUCKS!!!

My family has been touched by cancer in more ways than I like.  It is indiscriminate in who it chooses to take or afflict.  Two of the most incredible people in my life - my Nanny and my Momma - both stolen from my by this insidious disease.  And right now, my baby sister continues her fight against it.  Behind these three people, there is sadly a long list of people just in my family alone who have had to fight this battle.  Enough!!  I'm tired of sharing my world with this disease.  I am tired of it being an everyday word in my family.  I am especially tired of losing people I love to it.

My family is fighting back!  One June 13th we are participating in Relay for Life to raise funds and awareness for the Canadian Cancer Society.  I would be beyond grateful for any support you could offer up.  I will share the link here so you can click on it and donate if you are able.  Help us fight this battle!

Thanks for stopping by and bearing with me in this non-scrappy post!


  1. off to give a lil support... yes cancer sucks!!! good luck with the relay, I did one years ago in college and it was amazing

  2. Tracey, you poor family! My heart is breaking for you.

  3. I support locally, we must stop this deadly disease.