Sunday, 2 November 2014

My little witch....

I decided I needed something besides that post down there up on my blog so I am going to share some Halloween pictures of my best girl.

I had several moments this last week where I just couldn't believe that Halloween was still happening.  It's weird that the world just continues when I feel like mine has stopped still.  But, life does continue and I am very thankful that I have my girl to push me into experiencing and enjoying life's moments even if I feel like there is no way I could.  Kids are good like that.  They make you smile and put happy in your heart even when you feel it is breaking.

So, here she is.  The cutest most fabulous little witch that ever was!!

Thanks for stopping by!!


  1. {{HUGS}} and hope you find some peace through all this..

    She looks totally cute!!! great costume!!

  2. It's true, life goes on even if it isn't how we want it to! Baby steps I guess. Cute pics.....I'm glad your daughter enjoyed a little Trick or Treating.

  3. What great photos of Maya and what a fab layout it will make when you are up to it again. Sending some more hugs, having lost my Dad this year I know how hard life is at the

  4. She LOOKS ADORABLE!! I loveeeeeeee her costume!!!!!!!

  5. OMgosh she is so fabulous. Looking forward to seeing these in your scrap pages later on.