Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Fight Pancreatic Cancer!!

This disease SUCKS!!!  It stole my Momma from me and that is reason enough for me to fight it with everything I have.

But there are more reasons....

1. Every year, about 4700 Canadians are diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

2. Pancreatic Cancer is the fourth leading cause of cancer death in Canada and most people who develop pancreatic cancer do so without any predisposing risk factors. 

3. Unfortunately, most pancreatic cancer tumours are found after the cancer has grown beyond the pancreas or has metastasized to other places. 

4. Despite significant advancements in the treatments of other cancers, pancreatic cancer remains largely incurable. The majority of cases aren't caught in the early stages when the tumour is most treatable. As a result, only about 6-8 percent of patients live at least five years after diagnosis and pancreatic cancer remains the only one of the top ten cancers with a five year survival rate still in the single digits. 

6. LAST BUT DEFINITELY NOT LEAST - This cancer is chronically underfunded and has languished in the ‘too-hard-to-deal-with’ category for far too long.   LET'S CHANGE THAT!  SHOW YOUR SUPPORT TODAY!!

Help us "punch pancreatic cancer in the face"!!  Do it for my Momma!!!

Ways to Help....

World Pancreatic Cancer Day - wear purple on November 13th to show your support.  But don't just sport the colour, tell people why!

Purple Lights Campaign - buy your lights today and shine some purple to the skies to support my Momma and all those lost to this diesease.

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