Sunday, 17 August 2014

My girl is 8!!

Maya turned EIGHT last Thursday!  No, I didn't miss it - we've just been busy celebrating!!

We had a great day together for her birthday!!

It all started with a candle in her pear at breakfast (because what else would you stick a candle in?!?!)

Some birthday pictures by the tree before heading out! 

I am 8!!

A trip to the mall for her birthday was what she asked to do!!  Claire's, HMV, EB Games, Coles - so much fun!!

These glasses were perfect for my cat-loving girl!

And a lovely birthday tiara!

Next up - lunch at her favourite place ever - Boston Pizza!!

Her meal of choice?!  Buggies and cheese, of course!!

 Followed up by a brownie sundae and yet another candle to blow out!

Best part of turning 8?!?!  NO MORE BOOSTER SEAT!!!  Yay!!

We squeezed in a visit with Grandma too but I'm a bonehead and didn't get a picture!  :(

We ended the day off with a trip to the theatre to see Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles which Maya LOVED and says may possibly be her new favourite movie!!  She does love these turtles!!

Then, just yesterday we celebrated her big day with a party at Crock a Doodle followed by a bbq at our place!  So much fun for our girl!  She is lucky to be loved by so many!!

The Fabulous Five - all present and accounted for, of course!!

And now, the celebrations are over for another year!!  Looking forward to an amazing year of being 8 and making brand new memories!!

We love you too much Baby Girl!!  You are an amazing, sweet, smart, curious, nerdy girl!!!!


  1. How FUN!!!! I loveeeee the photos!! Happy BIRTHDAY!!!!

  2. Oh my goodness 8 already and what a beautiful young lady she is turning into.

  3. Happy Birthday to Maya, looks like a super fun day!

  4. Fun pictures! Happy Birthday Maya!