Sunday, 5 August 2012

Happy Birthday Ruby Tuesday!!!

Today is my fabulous, funny and awesome niece's birthday!!  She is turning six!  Love this kid!!
Happy birthday Rissa Roo!!
We love you too much!!!

Yesterday was her party and I was able to snap a couple of pictures before my girl had a fit and had to go home early.  (Don't ask!!!)
Here is the birthday girl.....

And here is a shot of the Fabulous Five all together....

And here is her card I made using crayons2stamp from The Stamps of Life....

I have to give credit where credit is due though.  This card is a pretty direct lift from this fabulous card from Laura Williams.

Thanks for stopping by!!


  1. awww, i love it! thanks for copying my card! ;)

  2. Happy Birthday! Your niece is beautiful & I love that bow in her hair :) Great card, nothing wrong with cas'ing x

  3. I love it and such a great stamp set!