Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Birthday Wishes for my hubby!

Today was my husband's birthday!  That of course meant Maya & I had to do something to mark the occasion.  She wanted to call all his friends and surprise him with a big party but I convinced her that maybe just the three of us would be better.

So, she set to work at daycare today to make a fabulous card for him!  My daycare provider is awesome and was happy to work on this with Maya.  I wanted to do it last night but it was her first day back at school since being sick and she was wiped!!

Here she is proudly showing off her card....

I stopped on my way home and picked up a little cake for him.  Here is the two of them blowing out the candles.....

And here is my girl and her Daddy.  She does love him!!

Happy birthday babe!  I could not ask for a better husband to spend my life with.  He puts up with all my faults and loves me anyway!  And, he is an awesome dad.  One of my fave things ever is to watch him and Maya together!  Love you babe!!


  1. Hi Tracey!!! I haven't been to visit in so long! What a beautiful family you have! Happy Birthday (belated) to hubby. I'm totally loving all the layouts your doing! Fabulous work girlfriend! Hope youre doing ok! Sounds like you've got the same crud I've got! Get well quickly!!!
    hugs, Sharon

  2. Maya, your card is beautiful indeed!! I bet your Daddy just loved it. You are just getting cuter each time I see a new picture!!