Sunday, 14 February 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

So, I don't really buy into the whole Valentine's Day thing. Never have I guess. I do think though that it is fun for kids. Maya and I worked hard this week to get her cards done for her friends at school. I stamped these super cute images from a H&M Stamps set that Kim Crawford sent to me awhile ago. Maya coloured them in all by herself and was very proud to make them all rainbow!!

A friend from work LOVES Valentine's Day and asked me to make a card for her boyfriend. These are the 2 cards I came up with and she couldn't choose and ended up taking both. The first one uses a Lily & Billy image from Pink Cat Studio and the second one uses stamps from a Close to my Heart set.

An on a completely unrelated and unscrappy note, I just wanted to share that I got a haircut and it is a big change for me! I have been feeling for a while that the long hair needed to go and it sure did!!
Check out the before shot.....
And here it is now....It's a drastic change but I am really liking it. And, the best part is that my hair will make a wig for someone very deserving!! That is a good feeling!!


  1. Maya's valentines are so adorable. I loved valentines day when I was a kid. I think the two you made for your friend are just sweet as can be!

    Love your new hair cut!

  2. You look fabulous Tracey, I love it, it suits you. Isn't it a great feeling knowing that even cutting your hair is helping someone. I have done it a couple of times too.

  3. Tracey- you look AMAZING!!! I love the new 'do! WTG with donating the rest!!! Love the projects you and Maya did and your cards are gorgeous!!!

  4. You look gorgeous!!!! And you are an amazing woman for giving your hair to make a wig for someone :)

    Love the valentines!!!

  5. Maya did a great job on her Valentines!! And you did a great job on your friend's cards! And, oh my, what a great hair cut!! One day we may do that with Ansley's hair...but I am not ready for that yet!

  6. love the cut...mustve been hard to do ....kudos to Maya for the beautiful handmade v-cards for her classmates...of course your card is stunning
    Have A Great Day,
    Luv YA,

  7. OK Tracey that is one amazing haircut...Super Cute!!!!

  8. Maya's cards are so sweet and cute!!!
    Love the sweet Valentine's card and the PCS card is so romantic! Thanks for sharing :o)

  9. What a wonderful job Maya done with her valentines.
    fab haircut Tracey.

  10. Love your haircut Tracy, a change is always nice. Love your sweet cards too.

  11. look hawt!!

    those cards are adorable.....yours

  12. Tracey, woohoo, love the hair cut, you would look beautiful bald, you have such a beautiful face.
    Hugs Jodie from Oz