Sunday, 31 January 2010

Happy Birthday Yoshi!

Last weekend, Maya and I met up with my friend Kristy at Cora's for lunch. So yummy, by the way!! It was Kristy's dog Yoshi's birthday so of course Maya had to make him a card. She also had to buy him some treats as a present. So cute!! She was so sad that Yoshi wasn't there for her to give them to him. Even though I explained many times that Yoshi would not be having lunch at the restaurant with us; apparently she didn't believe me because she was still shocked and very unhappy that he wasn't there.

Anyway, here is the card she made using a super cute image & sentiment from High Hopes....

The message she wanted me to write on the inside. And, yes, she wrote her own name. She is getting to be such a big girl!!

And here are a couple of pictures taken a while ago. Isn't Yoshi the cutest?!?!