Monday, 5 October 2009

What a weekend!!

WARNING!! A super long post so feel free to skip.

I cannot believe Monday morning is here already!! I have had such a fabulous fun-filled weekend!!

We started things off on Friday with Mom and I heading to Peterborough for our Go Scrapping retreat. We didn't make it too far actually. The weather was crappy with rain and the traffic was stop and go. We started on our trek on the 401 but were stopped short in Toronto when Mom's car broke down at about 2:30pm. Well, after a couple of calls to Dad we realized we were not going to get ourselves back on the road again. We called a tow truck and Dad suggested we just get them to take us somewhere and rent a car (we sooo should have listened to him in the first place but don't tell him that). We waited for CAA which I am sure was made much longer by the rain and the traffic. A really nice CAA man named Brian finally made his way to us and hitched up the car so we could be on our way again. Well, despite waiting almost an hour the rain and traffic had not let up so we were not going anywhere fast. Brian, being the smart guy he seemed to be, suggested we take 407 so we jumped on there and were finally moving a little. The plan was to take us back to Oakville so we could switch our cropping stuff into my car and get back on the road. Well, our luck stayed true and this part of our journey was not going much faster so at this point Brian, who really was a very helpful guy, suggested we just get off and rent a car and he would continue the rest of the way with Mom's car on his own. See, I told you we should have just listened to my Dad in the first place - he really is the smartest guy I know!! After a bit of issue finding a place that still had a car (it was after 5pm now) we located one in Brampton and made our way there. We got a car and unloaded the CRAZY amounts of stuff into it (in the rain!!!) then decided we needed some food since I for one had not had anything to eat or drink really since about 8am and I was hungry!!! We had some super yummy Teriyaki and then had 7:30pm we finally truly started our trek to Peterborough. It was much better driving this time and at about 9:45pm we pulled into the parking lot. CROP ROOM HERE WE COME!!! We were tired and drained and just wanted to go to bed but we stuck it out and started to get scrappy! It wasn't too long before the fun and friendly atmosphere won us over and we were working away!! We did however call it an early night and headed to bed around 1am so we would not be basketcases the next day. Oh, wait, we went to bed not before my Mom who spied a pizza place still open across the street said"let's get a pizza"!! To which I said "uh, no!". I cannot be eating pizza and then going straight to bed. I would have been up for hours again and besides I was already snuggled in my super cozy bed where I got to sleep peacefully ALONE I might add!!! It was a long and crazy day but we made it and our retreat had started! YAY!!

The next day was way less eventful but much more fun!! I couldn't sleep - too much scrappy stuff in my brain - so was up at 6:45am. Spent a little time reading before breakfast was served at 7:30am. Went to breakfast to get some fuel for our day and then started into our cropping. What a wonderful day!! Karen is awesome and her retreats really are SO MUCH FUN!!! This was both mine and Mom's first experience and we LOVED it!! We want to do it again sometime when we can work it out! It was an amazing day filled with scrapping, fun, new friends, old friends, yummy food and fabulous classes!! I had an AWESOME time!! Thank you so much to everyone involved!! We did have to leave early though and headed back to Oakville Saturday night. A much smoother trip this time and we arrived at my door around 9:45pm. Headed to bed so we could get ready for Sunday!

Sunday was another fun-filled day! We began our morning at Bingeman Park in Kitchener for this year's Run for the Cure. Always a fabulous time!! We were a little bit of a smaller group this year but we still had a great time and we were lucky enough that the rain held off until we were done!! Walking and supporting the cause in the name of our Nan (and everyone who has been touched). To steal a little something from my sister's Facebook page - "We walk because it hurts too much to stand still."

After this our day was not done yet though. We headed over to the Dog for Owen fundraiser where the money raised was in support of an Autism dog for my nephew. Lots of fun and the girls all got their faces painted - so cute!!

And now I need another weekend to recoup from the one I just had!!

Be sure to check out my sidebar for a fun contest being run by the fabulous ladies at In A Pinch. This is a fantastic one for all your sketch-makers out there!!!

Oh, and how can I forget that yesterday, October 4th, was my beautiful niece Rielly's birthday!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISS RIELLY! I love you!! Her actual birthday post will be coming a little later (I know it's late but I think she will forgive me)!


  1. What a fun time it sounds like you all had! Thanks for sharing your pictures.

  2. Awesome that you were able to enjoy the scrapping retreat even after the car problems on the way there! Great that you walked for the cure too... A cause near and dear to our hearts! xo

  3. Gosh I'm exhausted just reading your post. Sound like a fab and busy weekend.

  4. TRACEY; THE IMAGES ARE SO SWEET! Thanks for sharing and happy day! Silke

  5. Well, it was an adventure but I am glad you and your mom made it to the retreat! It was lovely having you both there -- for as long as you could stay. So happy you enjoyed it and would love to see you back for a full-length retreat experience!

    Looks like you had a great run!! We were thinking of you

    Oh and October 4th rocks!! hehe Happy Birthday from me too!

  6. That was some post babe, I'm shattered just reading it all lol. Glad you had such a fab weekend x

  7. Wow!! sounds and looks like you all had a Great time!!..Thanks for sharing!!...Hugs, Ila

  8. sounds like you had a fun time!! Holy verbage BATMAN....LOL