Wednesday, 5 August 2009

More birthday wishes for Roo!!

Maya and I were talking today about how this is actually Marissa's birthday and not Saturday when we had the party. A fact that was sort of lost on her. She wanted to know what kind of cake we were going to have to celebrate Rissa Roo's birthday today. So, I had to explain that we wouldn't be seeing Rissa today since we already had her party. She accepted that and quickly moved on to wanting to make her own card for her cousin.

Here it is. The girl insisted on using Sick Riley. Don't know why but her mind was made up and who am I to argue with her artistic vision?!?!? She did the stamping and colouring all by herself. I did the printing and helped a little with the message but I pretty much wrote what she told me. She added the flower and button too!

Tomorrow morning, Maya and I are heading out for an overnight in Niagara Falls. We are both super excited. We are meeting my Mom and my sister Amanda there. Oh, and of course who could forget Manda's girls. Rissa Roo & Bria Bumcake will be there too. I think Maya is most excited about that last part! ;) My sister was originally planning this trip as a getaway for her and her girls but was super sweet to allow us to crash it and tag along with her. Thanks Manda - you're the best! Love you!!


  1. Oh my goodness, that is the cutest card ever on the earth. No disrespect to your card, which is beautiful, but I think Marissa will love Maya's the best!

    I can't wait for tomorrow. Of course, I could do my work and go to bed, and it would come quickly enough, but instead I'm out blog-stalking.

    See you tomorrow!!!!

  2. oh bless how adorable. hugs rachxx

  3. Hi Tracey what a lovely card your daughter made! Hope she has fun at the party!
    Hugs Lynsey:)

  4. Well I think you need to hide all your stash from Maya cos that little lady is so going to be taking it over with such a fabulous card. WEll done sweetheart, your ROCK!!!! mwah xxxxx

  5. Dude, so frogging cute!

    I need to post some of Miss Chloe's cards. She actually didn't scribble all over the last one's face with pencil... maybe I should post that...

  6. Aww how sweet!You will have some competition there in a few years Tracey x

  7. Oh Maya you ahve made a fabulous card dear, I bet Marissa will love it dear
    Hugs Jacqui x

  8. thanks hun.
    funny to know that you are online right now too
    have a fabulous sunday