Monday, 2 February 2009

A funny Maya story (TMI warning!)

On Saturday Maya and were travelling along the 401 on our way to my sister's place in Waterloo to celebrate some birthdays. Out of nowhere Maya starts to vomit. Crazy - never gonna end - vomit! It was gross - she was covered - we're on the side of a major highway - not cool!!! So, anyway, I pull over safely and get her cleaned up as best I can and continue on the way to my sister's place. She is then fine from that point on. (A little aside - I think the vomitting was just caused by the chocolate milk she drank before leaving. Note to self - don't do that again!!)

Okay, so that is totally not the funny part. I am not that cruel of a Mom!! That was just the background info.

Tonight we are sitting around and Maya starts to tell Daddy about how she was sick in the car on Saturday. And she says "there was poop all in my mouth"! Hubby & I can't help ourselves - we crack up!! It so maynot be funny to anyone else but we found it hilarious! I guess to a 2 year old it did kind of seem like a bunch of poop coming out of her mouth!

That girl cracks me up!! :)

Okay, so I have realized that this is kind of a disgusting post so I am hoping to make it all better by sharing a super cute picture of my baby girl!!


  1. Hee hee great story, she is a cutie.

  2. lol kids say the funniest of things Tracey, Maya is just the cutest, hugs rachxx

  3., I love their funny words!!!

    GREAT photo

  4. Too funny - out of the mouths of babes hey?

    Love that pic of Maya - what a little sweetie she is

    hugs Bev x

  5. Love this cute photo!! She is such a Cutie!!....and got a real chuckle out of the story....Thanks for sharing!!

  6. hahahahaha kids say the darnedest things. lol

  7. I've been there!!! But just in case this may help you out...when my daughter Ansley was younger, every time we traveled for over an hour in the car, she would throw up....but not all the time...I couldn't figure it out. Then I realized that every time she threw up, she ended up with an ear infection a few days later. So, I finally realized that when she had fluid in her ears, she would get motion sickness from the longer car ride since her equilibrium was off!