Saturday, 24 January 2009

Where oh where....

...has my mojo gone?? Anyone know? If you've seen it, please send it home to me. I miss it! :)

I so want to scrap but I just don't have it right now. No creative flow, no energy, nothing. Oh wait, I do have desire. I want to scrap but I just can't bring myself to sit at my table or if I do sit at my table I just can't bring myself to create. No mojo! :)

What I do have though is a tender mouth. Last night Maya & I somehow managed to bang our faces which resulted in the crown I have on one of my front teeth being knocked loose and only held on by the orthodontic wire on the back. The plus side of that is that to break a fake tooth does not result in great amounts of pain but rather just a dull ache. So, I call my dentist this morning to see if they can fix it and I am told they can see me on February 19th. FEBRUARY 19TH!?!?! I am supposed to wait until then?? So, I tell the receptionist that the tooth has basically detached and she tells me they can squeeze me in on Thursday. Still not cool!!! I got off the phone and found myself a dentist who was quite happy to take me today and was able to give me a temporary fix. Said dentist may be my new dentist from now on!!

Okay, enough of my rambling on about my irritation at dentistry. I hope to have a little something creative to show you before this weekend is out but I make no promises.

Oh, and for all you very lucky folk who are spending their time in sunny California at CHA - HAVE FUN!!! I am green with envy. I know my girls Hannah & Lori from my fave scrappy place will be only too happy to bring lots of yummy goodies home for me to drool over.


  1. Think bling, ribbon, flowers, pink green and brown and texture and smiles... this is me trying to jump start the mojo!
    Hope it works!
    Good luck with the toofers... that sucks!

  2. I lost my mojo not so long back, it is awful isn't it.

    Try looking for sketch challenges to try and reignite it, that is how I do it.

    Good luck in it returning, I'm sure it won;t be away for long


  3. I hate when the mojo goes on vacation Tracey! Maybe doing the featured stamper today will help you out.
    I once had a toothache that was killing me and all the dentists in town were at a convention and I couldn't find anyone to help. finally a friend called her dentist who agreed to see me. I'm glad you found someone!

  4. Oh you poor thing, hope you're not in any more pain with your tooth Tracy. Godd for you for finding another dentist, the other one obviously is not in it for the caring side is he :(

    I too lost my mojo a few weeks back, it's awful and frightening but it WILL come back, as soon as you make or do something that is "right" you will know it. Keep on going hun,

    hugs Bev x